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Important Announcements



QuickMAR has released a new version of QuickMAR, Version We are asking that all customers upgrade to this new version. Please see the link to the release notes below. This version has some great new features as well as the most up-to-date functionality to ensure you have the best experience using QuickMAR. Please take a minute to upgrade as we will be releasing this as a mandatory version in July 2023 with the goal of all customers upgrading to this version by October 2023.


Facility Smart Zone Training | We are excited to launch our new Self-Guided Training for QuickMAR on the Smart Zone platform. This platform allows all facility users to access new and enhanced QuickMAR Training.

If you are not a current PointClickCare customer- using the PointClickCare EHR and CORE application you can request Smart Zone access by filling out this form QuickMAR Facility Smart Zone Request Form

The training that is currently available on the QuickMAR website will be sunset in the coming weeks.


Pharmacy Smart Zone Training has been available for over a year. As a reminder to all pharmacy partners, if you would like to access Pharmacy Training please complete this form: Pharmacy Smart Zone Request Form


To reach out our Support Team, please email
  • All current customers that need technical assistance.
To reach out Sales team, please email
  • All New facility requests or transfer requests.

Valued Pharmacy Partners

Valued Pharmacy Partners

QuickMAR is dramatically reducing medication errors, paperwork inefficiencies and administrative duties for our mutual customers, while dynamically linking those customers to you at the pharmacy. Our portfolio of customers includes pharmacies, senior living communities, rehab hospitals, group homes, correctional facilities and behavioral health providers across the United States and Canada.
  • 91% of all U.S. Assisted Living facilities are facing a staffing shortage.
  • 52% of Assisted Living providers say their workforce situation has gotten
    worse since the start of 2022.
This is a similar statistic in the levels of care that extend to your customer base including Memory Care, IDD, Behavioral Health and Group Home settings. They are turning to the pharmacy and important care collaboration providers like us to help solve these challenges.
Together we can provide the following:
  • Easily document medication administration with a few clicks
  • Singular, streamlined workflow to document treatments, vital signs and other care
  • Eliminate missed or undocumented meds and missed PRN follow-ups
  • Improve safety and accuracy with bar code scanning
  • Pass meds without interruption, even if the internet is down
  • Receive reminder alerts before meds are late
  • Send customized notifications to key personnel via email or text

To learn how QuickMAR can help, click here.

Grow with QuickMAR & PointClickCare

  • Assistance with Training and Onboarding New Customers
  • Delayed or Discounted Subscriptions
  • Referral Partner Agreement for New Business
  • New Contract with Tiered Pricing Levels

Contact your Pharmacy Account Executive today to learn more, click here.

QuickMAR Upgrade

To All PointClickCare QuickMAR
Pharmacy Partners

QuickMAR has released a new MANDATORY version of QuickMAR RX. We are asking that all pharmacies upgrade to this new version. We will stop supporting all other QuickMAR RX versions as of June 2023.

QuickMAR RX Version Release Notes

If you need assistance with upgrading your Pharmacy, please refer to the link below:
Upgrading QuickMAR RX

If you need further assistance, please reach out to our technical support team at

Pharmacy Partner Reminders

PointClickCare QuickMAR
Pharmacy Partners

Reminders for all our Pharmacy Partners….

Requests for New Facilities and Transfers
If your pharmacy is bringing on a new facility or transferring a facility from another pharmacy to your pharmacy, all requests must be submitted to our sales team at least 30 days prior to the Go Live date. Requests must be submitted via webform link located at this link:  QuickMAR Web Forms

Please remember that the completion of the webform only starts the request process. The timing depends on how quickly both the pharmacy and community complete required documents and provide signatures on quotes and contracts.

If you have questions on the sales process, please email

Facility Name Changes and Ownership Changes
Please direct the facility to email for these requests. We cannot make name changes without hearing it directly from the facility.

Pharmacy Dispensing Software Conversions
Please ensure that if you are changing dispensing software at your pharmacy, the request is submitted to Sales via webform at LEAST 30 days prior to the change. The list of QuickMAR dispensing systems is located here: QuickMAR Interfaces. Please make sure your new system is on this list.

Thank you for being a valued PointClickCare customer!

QuickMAR Reminders and Announcements

QuickMAR Pharmacy Partners

Reminders and Announcements

All new facilities and facilities that are transferring to your pharmacy will require a Terms and Conditions Form to be signed by the facility representative/authorized contract signer. This is a necessary step for us to process requests for new facilities to be added to your pharmacy and existing facilities transferring to your pharmacy.
Please help support this process by explaining to your customers that nothing can be initiated or started until this contract is signed and sent back to our sales team. The team cannot process any quotes or start new projects until this contract is signed. Delays in signing this form will delay the project start.
If your pharmacy would like a copy of the Terms and Conditions form to sent to your customers on our behalf, please send a request to
Reminder that all transfers that are executed follow these billing rules:
  • The month that the transfer is executed (any day of the month), the current pharmacy is responsible for the invoice and charges for that month. The following month, the new pharmacy will be invoiced and is responsible for all charges.
Any QuickMAR facility that is currently using QuickMAR is considered a transfer when moving to a new pharmacy.
Reminder that QuickMAR requires at LEAST 30 days’ notice for all cancellation requests. QuickMAR MUST get confirmation from the facility that they are canceling QuickMAR. If you obtain this confirmation via email, please add it to the webform for quicker processing.