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QuickMAR Reminders and Announcements

By November 29, 2022Announcement

QuickMAR Pharmacy Partners

Reminders and Announcements

All new facilities and facilities that are transferring to your pharmacy will require a Terms and Conditions Form to be signed by the facility representative/authorized contract signer. This is a necessary step for us to process requests for new facilities to be added to your pharmacy and existing facilities transferring to your pharmacy.
Please help support this process by explaining to your customers that nothing can be initiated or started until this contract is signed and sent back to our sales team. The team cannot process any quotes or start new projects until this contract is signed. Delays in signing this form will delay the project start.
If your pharmacy would like a copy of the Terms and Conditions form to sent to your customers on our behalf, please send a request to
Reminder that all transfers that are executed follow these billing rules:
  • The month that the transfer is executed (any day of the month), the current pharmacy is responsible for the invoice and charges for that month. The following month, the new pharmacy will be invoiced and is responsible for all charges.
Any QuickMAR facility that is currently using QuickMAR is considered a transfer when moving to a new pharmacy.
Reminder that QuickMAR requires at LEAST 30 days’ notice for all cancellation requests. QuickMAR MUST get confirmation from the facility that they are canceling QuickMAR. If you obtain this confirmation via email, please add it to the webform for quicker processing.