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October 12th Process Change

Reminder! Process Changes

First, We Want to Thank You!

We have already received an overwhelming use of our new forms. Thank you for trusting us to manage your implementation. While you can still train your new customers/facilities, we are confident that both our pharmacy partners and facilities will find success with our team leading new facility implementations.

What can you expect on October 12th when you login to QuickMAR RX?

Under Facilities, the Profile tab will be read-only. All fields in this section will be locked down. However, you will be able to create facility and pharmacy users, run reports, utilize the dashboard, and manage your pharmacy configurations and interface.

Our Implementation Team is happy to assist with the fields that are read-only.

Please Note: The support team cannot access the read-only screen, all requests must be emailed to or fill out the appropriate web form at

We are working to make your experience even more efficient and easy. Coming soon we will have new and improved forms available in the pharmacy portal:

  • Request a Corporate ID (facility)
  • Copy Settings (pharmacy and facility)
  • Improved facility forms for implementation and training

Thank you for being a valued pharmacy partner!

Billing Clarifications and FAQ’s

Pharmacy Partner Billing Clarifications & FAQs

Beginning October 12, 2021, the QuickMAR Implementation Team will handle the creation and management of all facility accounts in QuickMAR and this capability within the QuickRx software will become read-only.

This change is intended to ensure that new facilities are set-up correctly and have a smooth transition when going live. Your pharmacy may continue to implement new facilities; however, the QuickMAR Implementation team has the tools and expertise to do it quickly and efficiently, enabling your staff to stay focused on your operation and the fulfillment of your customers. To learn more about these changes or the enhanced implementation options see the FAQs here

Along with this change, we are also improving the transparency of our invoicing making it easier for you to determine which facilities have billable activity. The following FAQ answers common questions and provides additional context how QuickMAR calculates invoices. If you have questions about your invoice, please contact

Pharmacy Inquiry FAQs

What facilities are considered billable?

QuickMAR invoices are calculated at the end of the month and include any active facility associated with your account. The billing period starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. An active facility is one that has a status of “Active” and a “Go-live” date on or before the last day of the billing period. 

EXAMPLE: Facility ABC was created and made active on October 1, 2021. The Go Live date was set for October 10th and within QuickMAR there is 10 active residents. On November 1st the pharmacy will be billed for 10 residents for Facility ABC. Facilities in implementation (not live yet) or those that have been Terminated or Archived before the start of the billing cycle are not billable. 

How are billed residents determined for a facility?

Whenever QuickMAR is used to manage the care of a person, that person is considered an “Active Resident” and the usage is billable that month. Examples include (but are not limited to): managing orders, passing meds, tracking vital signs, conducting assessments, profiling a resident, pushing orders through the interface for any medication orders, running Physician Orders, MAR, cycle fill, or any other reports, etc. A discharged resident is billable if the resident was active at any time during the month. The number of billed residents may vary each month with changes in a facility’s census. If you have an active facility still associated with your pharmacy with ZERO active residents then you will see the facility on your invoice with a ZERO charge.

How is the pharmacy rate determined?

A usage fee applies for each Active Resident as defined above. The fee is based on the total volume of Active Residents across the facilities associated with your account. The system calculates the fee per resident by comparing your total volume to the rate table specified in your QuickMAR partner agreement. If you have questions regarding your rate please email and your Account Executive can answer any questions you have.

How do I associate a new facility to our account?

When you fill out the Request New Facility Setup and Implementation form located at, the implementation team will set up that facility and make sure it is associated to your pharmacy account.

How do I stop the billing for a facility associated with our account?

The request to archive/terminate a facility must be filled out at at least 30 days prior to your request to terminate.

Will we be billed for a Test facility?

QuickMAR provides one test facility per pharmacy for free. A test facility should never be used for the management of actual residents. The QuickMAR Implementation can create a test facility for your pharmacy if you have a need to test the push of orders through the interface. A test facility should not be used for training new customers. If you have a need for your new customers to train on QuickMAR then a training data base should be requested from our support team at

Who owns the facility data?

A facility is associated with a pharmacy’s account for the purpose of enabling the integration and data flow between the pharmacy’s dispensing system and QuickMAR, and to establish a billing relationship for the facility’s use of the system. Each facility is the owner of its own account and owns the content of its data within the QuickMAR system even if the content was contributed to or created by the pharmacy through its use of the system or interfaces. For clarity, any facility data that is transferred through the system by the pharmacy or entered directly by its staff, becomes part of the facility’s data and co-exists with any data that the facility creates through their own use of the system.  If a facility terminates its relationship with the pharmacy, it may request that its account be transferred to another pharmacy partner that is integrated with QuickMAR. We respect the relationship between a facility its pharmacy partner and do not encourage these transfers; however, they are provided to facilitate continuity of care within a facility and to ensure resident safety. When a facility account is transferred to another pharmacy the previous pharmacy will no longer have access to the facility’s account from within QuickMAR.

Friendly Reminders and Updates

The new web forms are NOW live! You can preview and familiarize yourself with them here Reminder, as of October 12, 2021, these forms will be required for onboarding, changes requests, and more.

SmartZone is now live!

If you are already a PointClickCare Pharmacy and have Smart Zone credentials, good news, you have access to QuickMAR courses. Full-training courses are available for new QuickMAR pharmacy users. Refresher trainings are also available. Here are some of the trainings available in the portal.

  • QuickMAR RX: Welcome to QuickMAR
  • QuickMAR RX: Pharmacy Configuration
  • QuickMAR RX: Creating Users
  • QuickMAR RX: Pharmacy Interface
  • QuickMAR RX: QuickMAR Overview
  • QuickMAR RX: Dashboard and Reports
  • QuickMAR RX: Pharmacy Processes

New to Smart Zone? Let’s Get You Setup.

Use this link to get setup today! New Pharmacy users can sign-up here

Smart Sheet Sign-up.

Coming Soon!

In the next few weeks, we will provide more details on the facility implementation changes that were announced August 30th. We will be clarifying billing questions. To review the changes, click here: Facility Implementation.

Changes to QuickMAR and CareSuite

PointClickCare is committed to delivering a best in class solutions for Senior Living providers that can grow with them as the needs of their business evolve. Since PointClickCare acquired QuickMAR in March 2019, we have been collecting feedback from customers to help us evaluate how to bring the two platforms closer together.
It’s clear customers find QuickMAR eMAR easy to use and its medication management capabilities are highly regarded. However, the EHR features in CareSuite are still in the early stages of development and have lower adoption.
Rather than continue to expand functionality that is redundant with PointClickCare EHR, we have made the decision to stop developing several CareSuite EHR features and introduce a new integration with PointClickCare that will give communities more options to solve needs beyond medication management. The integration keeps the census in sync between QuickMAR and PointClickCare and provides bi-directional flow for some data such as vital signs. It is the first phase of our initiative to bring two great products together into one common platform.
In addition, we are rebranding the product line to reflect a renewed emphasis on eMAR and medication management. Going forward we will only refer to the product as QuickMAR. In two days, we will communicate these changes to all QuickMAR customers. As a courtesy to your pharmacy we are giving you advance notice. Attached is a copy of the letter we are sending to all QuickMAR customers along with an FAQ that provides additional information.
What does this mean for your communities using CareSuite?
  • Effective today, the platform will simply be called QuickMAR and the CareSuite name is being retired.
  • The following QuickMAR features will no longer be enhanced:
    • Care Plans and Assessments
    • Custom Forms
    • Incident Reporting
    • Sales Lead Tracking
    • Billing
  • Customers that currently use any of these features may continue to access them without interruption. QuickMAR will support them, however we will not be expanding their functionality, nor will we be enabling new communities, or creating custom assessments after August 31, 2020.
  • Communities that need a comprehensive assessment library or have other EHR needs are encouraged to consider PointClickCare EHR. Please direct them to call 1-888-401-6199 or email us at to discuss options and learn about incentives that are available to ease the transition.
What does this mean for your pharmacy?
  • Your relationship with QuickMAR will continue as it always has, however the CareSuite EHR features above will no longer be an option for new communities that you bring on to QuickMAR or existing QuickMAR users that have not already implemented them. We are introducing a new product package that combines QuickMAR with PointClickCare to serve communities that need assessments or broader EHR capabilities. Any QuickMAR customer can upgrade to this package at any time with no impact to your pharmacy operation or invoicing.
  • All content in the QuickMAR Pharmacy Partner Portal will be updated and the revised brochures will be available for order after July 31. Please discard any old material, since it is no longer current.
  • Many of our pharmacy partners have asked for greater support when onboarding new communities. We are excited to introduce several new implementation and training services that will expedite the implementation process and allow your pharmacy staff to stay focused on your core business. These will be detailed in a separate letter you will receive in a few weeks along with an amendment and update to the Pharmacy Partner Agreement terms and conditions and related documentation.
  • We have merged the QuickMAR and PointClickCare Pharmacy Business Development teams to give you a dedicated representative to manage your relationship across our company. This is the first step in combining our Pharmacy Partner Program. You will be contacted by the representative for your region within the next month to explore ways we can help you grow your business.
PointClickCare is committed to supporting the growth of your organization and the communities you serve. We continue to invest in the QuickMAR platform with a goal of making the script lifecycle easier to manage. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding this announcement. Please do not hesitate to contact us at us toll-free at 1-888-401-6199 or email us at