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Effective March 11th | New Processes

By March 9, 2022Announcement

Go Live: March 11th, 2022

All new QuickMAR business will be handled by the Pharmacy Sales Team. What does this mean for our pharmacy partners? All pharmacies will be assigned a sales representative based on the state in which your business resides.
You will need to work directly with your Sales Account Executive on the following endeavors:
  • Adding a New Facility
  • Transfers
  • Conversions
  • New Pharmacy Branch Locations
The pharmacy sales team will be gathering information about your project and completing quotes and contracts for signatures from both the pharmacy and facility. The current web forms will be transformed into simple inquiry forms that will go directly to the sales team to action.
If you have questions or would like to contact your sales representative, please email
Other Important Contacts
Contact for all new business that has already been submitted to sales and have quotes and agreements signed, please email
All invoice and billing questions, please email
Any question for sales or to get in contact with your sales representative, please email
You can still fill out a web form and have it sent directly to our sales team. Please go to this link for the available forms:
Please use this email for technical support questions for all existing customers. If a customer has completed implementation and has a question, needs technical product support, or information. Reminder, Support cannot advise on new business, web form submission or sales quotes, or transfers and conversion status.
Thank you, we appreciate you!