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Billing/Invoicing Guidelines

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Billing / Invoicing Guidelines

For Transfers and New Facilities

PointClickCare QuickMAR Pharmacy Partners:

As the QuickMAR product line continues to align with PointClickCare’s business practices, we wanted to make you aware of some billing/invoicing procedures.

Transfers Billing/Invoicing Procedures (Effective July 1, 2022: Applicable for facilities that switch from one pharmacy to another)

The CURRENT pharmacy for all transfers that are executed within the month will be responsible for that month’s invoice and facility cost.

The NEW pharmacy that is taking over will assume responsibility for the invoice and monthly cost in the month following the transfer.


  • A facility transfers on June 13th from ABC Pharmacy to XYZ Pharmacy.
  • ABC Pharmacy will be invoiced for June’s usage of QuickMAR.
  • XYZ will be invoiced for July’s usage of QuickMAR.

This invoicing/billing process will remain in place regardless of the date of the transfer within the month. This is PointClickCare’s standard practice for all pharmacy business.

The transfer fee that is charged to the NEW pharmacy is $975 for each facility. It is the same and does not change. The NEW pharamacy is responsible for this fee.

New Facilities and Billed Resident Report Procedures
NEW facilities that start on QuickMAR will begin billing the 1st of the following month after the start date, unless specified otherwise in the pharmacy contract.


  • Facility A starts using QuickMAR June 5th. The first issued invoice will be for July’s usage of QuickMAR.

Many Pharmacies use the Billed Resident Report available in the QuickMAR RX application. This report will not always align with the invoices you receive based on the rules above. The invoice represents the actual charges that are due for payment. The Billed Resident Report is a guide, but does not always represent the actual fees on the invoice.

Thank you for being a valued customer of PointClickCare.