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Changes to QuickMAR and CareSuite

By August 27, 2021Announcement
PointClickCare is committed to delivering a best in class solutions for Senior Living providers that can grow with them as the needs of their business evolve. Since PointClickCare acquired QuickMAR in March 2019, we have been collecting feedback from customers to help us evaluate how to bring the two platforms closer together.
It’s clear customers find QuickMAR eMAR easy to use and its medication management capabilities are highly regarded. However, the EHR features in CareSuite are still in the early stages of development and have lower adoption.
Rather than continue to expand functionality that is redundant with PointClickCare EHR, we have made the decision to stop developing several CareSuite EHR features and introduce a new integration with PointClickCare that will give communities more options to solve needs beyond medication management. The integration keeps the census in sync between QuickMAR and PointClickCare and provides bi-directional flow for some data such as vital signs. It is the first phase of our initiative to bring two great products together into one common platform.
In addition, we are rebranding the product line to reflect a renewed emphasis on eMAR and medication management. Going forward we will only refer to the product as QuickMAR. In two days, we will communicate these changes to all QuickMAR customers. As a courtesy to your pharmacy we are giving you advance notice. Attached is a copy of the letter we are sending to all QuickMAR customers along with an FAQ that provides additional information.
What does this mean for your communities using CareSuite?
  • Effective today, the platform will simply be called QuickMAR and the CareSuite name is being retired.
  • The following QuickMAR features will no longer be enhanced:
    • Care Plans and Assessments
    • Custom Forms
    • Incident Reporting
    • Sales Lead Tracking
    • Billing
  • Customers that currently use any of these features may continue to access them without interruption. QuickMAR will support them, however we will not be expanding their functionality, nor will we be enabling new communities, or creating custom assessments after August 31, 2020.
  • Communities that need a comprehensive assessment library or have other EHR needs are encouraged to consider PointClickCare EHR. Please direct them to call 1-888-401-6199 or email us at to discuss options and learn about incentives that are available to ease the transition.
What does this mean for your pharmacy?
  • Your relationship with QuickMAR will continue as it always has, however the CareSuite EHR features above will no longer be an option for new communities that you bring on to QuickMAR or existing QuickMAR users that have not already implemented them. We are introducing a new product package that combines QuickMAR with PointClickCare to serve communities that need assessments or broader EHR capabilities. Any QuickMAR customer can upgrade to this package at any time with no impact to your pharmacy operation or invoicing.
  • All content in the QuickMAR Pharmacy Partner Portal will be updated and the revised brochures will be available for order after July 31. Please discard any old material, since it is no longer current.
  • Many of our pharmacy partners have asked for greater support when onboarding new communities. We are excited to introduce several new implementation and training services that will expedite the implementation process and allow your pharmacy staff to stay focused on your core business. These will be detailed in a separate letter you will receive in a few weeks along with an amendment and update to the Pharmacy Partner Agreement terms and conditions and related documentation.
  • We have merged the QuickMAR and PointClickCare Pharmacy Business Development teams to give you a dedicated representative to manage your relationship across our company. This is the first step in combining our Pharmacy Partner Program. You will be contacted by the representative for your region within the next month to explore ways we can help you grow your business.
PointClickCare is committed to supporting the growth of your organization and the communities you serve. We continue to invest in the QuickMAR platform with a goal of making the script lifecycle easier to manage. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding this announcement. Please do not hesitate to contact us at us toll-free at 1-888-401-6199 or email us at