Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still add a new facility in QuickMAR Rx?

No. After completing and submitting the appropriate web form, the Implementation Team will fulfill your request and respond within 5 business days.

Are there new fees associated with adding a new facility?

We strongly encourage all new facilities to utilize one of our Implementation Packages to ensure a successful start with the expertise of our team.  If a facility or pharmacy chooses to self-implement, there are no fees at this time for adding a new facility.

Can the pharmacy work alongside the QuickMAR Team on the implementation of a new facility?

Absolutely!  The pharmacy are our experts on pharmacy workflow and compliance of med management, and our team holds the expertise of the eMAR software functionality.

What do I do if a facility is leaving our pharmacy?

If a facility is leaving your pharmacy, complete and submit the Change Facility Status form.  The Implementation Team will guide you on your next steps.

How do I ensure that I am not billed for a facility that has left our pharmacy?

QuickMAR invoices based on usage for the month.  If that facility had usage for the month, the pharmacy will be billed.  We do not prorate monthly billing.

How do I make sure that my request is handled on the date that I need it handled?

QuickMAR recommends requesting:

  • a new facility at least 30 days prior to go-live
  • a transfer/transition of an existing facility at least 2 weeks prior
  • a conversion of dispensing software at least 30 days ahead of time.