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Long-term care and pharmacy software that’s quick and easy, from people who share your passion for caring.

Developed by a team whose dedication to senior care matches yours, CareSuite is uniquely fast to learn and easy to use. It’s because we know that for resident care management software to be of real assistance to you, it must be designed so staff can train on and utilize it rapidly, regardless of their computer proficiency. All you need to use CareSuite is Internet access and a laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

Our suite of affordable solutions improves efficiency, reduces potential for errors, and enhances profitability. You can count on CareSuite, because our technology works even when the Internet doesn’t. All of this means you have more time to focus on what matters most: providing superb care.

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Download "Five Keys to Improving Senior Living Resident Safety" and learn about the benefits of easy to use resident care management software.


Our training programs teach your staff to use CareSuite in just hours, regardless of their proficiency with technology.


You receive a fast, attentive response to any questions or needs you may have from our dedicated support team serving CareSuite clients.

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