Why I Love What We Do

The senior care industry is such a great place to work. I’ve spent some time recently, reflecting on the wonderful experiences I’ve had over the many years of working in this field. They all involved wonderful people do something remarkable for the aging people in our community. Let me share some of what I’ve seen recently.

Making Dreams Come True

You’ve probably heard of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which helps terminally-ill children experience their dying wish. But Wish of a Lifetime Foundation offers this same experience for our senior population. For example, a man who had served in the US Navy and was present during the attack on Pearl Harbor had never been back, and they helped him return there with his family (video here). In another case, a 95-year old woman lived her lifelong wish of taking a ride on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (video here).

The Vital Life Foundation recently arranged for war veterans to go to Washington D.C. to visit the war memorial for the war they served in. (video here)

At the ALFA (now Argentum) annual show after Hurricane Katrina in 2006, I heard numerous heroic stories about caregivers in the assisted living homes, and the great lengths they went to in order to care for their residents. Some stayed at the building around the clock for many days. Some people went to great lengths just to get to the building, leaving behind their own family and home, to take care of their residents. One man drove many miles to transport two frail residents out of a facility in New Orleans to their sister facility in Georgia. (Read here)

There is a musical group in the Boise, Idaho area called the Prime Time Swingers. Spearheaded by one talented lady with a musical background, the group consists of 4-8 seniors of varying musical skills, playing a variety of instruments (tambourine, maraca, washtub bass, washboard, etc.) while she accompanies on the keyboard. Every year, as we attend the various trade shows, I always come away with a renewed energy from having spent time with other people who care deeply about taking care of seniors and others with long-term care needs. These people are on a mission, and their passion is infectious.

Our Software

The other aspect that I love about the trade shows is to see the other vendors who, like us, are dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents. On the QuickMAR team, we have a good mix of personalities and interests, but the one thing we all share is an understanding that we make a difference in the world. Our software helps you to take better care of your residents, and frees you up to spend more time with them.

We love working in an industry where we make a difference in the lives of people in need, and we love working with people who share this same feeling.

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