Prescription drug abuse is a major problem in the United States. Long term care and senior living facilities are prone to the abuse of opioids. With the adaption of eMARs, we can better prevent misuse of the prescriptions and drug diversions.

When controlling and avoiding drug diversions, precautions and procedures need to be taken.
Steps consist of:

  • Making sure all controlled drugs are locked and secured when not attended to
  • Keeping accurate inventory of drugs
  • Recounting medications when med pass is passed on to another staff member
  • Having trustworthy employees with clean background checks
  • Having employees drug tested

Facilities that use eMARs have a higher visibility over all medications. eMARs are able to keep complete audit records of medications and all med pass transactions are kept on record. This simply eliminates the possibility for falsifying records and creating drug diversions.


QuickMAR offers security and control that will eliminate the possibility for drug diversions indefinitely. QuickMAR allows you to create set passwords for staff members and supervisors. You can choose the requirements and difficulty of each one. QuickMAR also offers physical ID verification if the password control and security is not adequate enough. This means
that each caregiver is given a bar-coded ID. They must scan their ID in order to complete med passes and other inventory operations. This presumably would prevent the case where a caregiver has stolen another’s password.

You can also set up the eMAR module to offer double signature security. This means that all medication and inventory transactions must have two signatures. One being of the caregiver who administered the medications and the other signature from a witness of this action. The caregivers enter their user ID and password to verify that the med pass and inventory was done

Double blind count is another thing QuickMAR offers. This means that neither of the caregivers know the target inventory value. They count the total together, and either one of them keys in the values for each item. Once each item has been counted, the system tells them if the values match the system inventory values. In addition to the double blind count, entries are logged every time when doing the Narcotics Count. So, if two med aides failed on the first attempt to reconcile, the system logs exactly which med or meds did not add up, and also the value that was entered as the manual count. This is logged for every failed attempt.

QuickMAR offers the best senior living facility technology to improve resident safety, resident care, and compliance. Keeping resident’s safety at an all-time high and drug diversions at an all-time low.