Updating Your Policy and Procedures

By May 12, 2015 Blog

Does your policy and procedures document still reflect the use of a paper MAR? If so, our QuickMAR services team is here to help you update your manual to reflect using an eMAR.

“Having an editable policy and procedure for QuickMAR is a great way to ensure all staff, new and current, have the same information,” explains Sarah Sisseck, Services Manager for QuickMAR. “This can take a lot of valuable time for staff to create taking them away from other important duties.”

Your policy and procedure section will be able to answer questions the staff may have as well as guiding them on the facility’s preferences. Having a P&P manual available will ensure procedures are followed perfectly. This editable manual will make it easy to keep the document current.

Compiling a P&P manual will take approximately two weeks. Questions such as if you use the bar code scanners during a med pass and if you use the QuickMAR inventory control features will help our staff get started on the document. Once a rough draft is complete, your facility will have the opportunity to make revisions before a final editable draft is sent to the facility as a link to print and edit.

Not every facility uses a P&P manual but every facility has staff that will ask for one. This task can take up to six months for staff to compile in their spare time at work. This is a great time saver and will pay off as a training tool for all staff, new and old.

For more information please contact us at services@quickmar.com or (503)765-1579 or visit our services page.