When an existing QuickMAR facility changes from one QuickMAR pharmacy partner to a different QuickMAR pharmacy partner, MMT charges the receiving pharmacy a standard $975 transfer fee per facility. Please be advised that you will be charged a transfer fee, whether you use these data transfer services or not.


At least 2 weeks prior to GO-LIVE/Transfer DataComplete and Submit

Transfer Request Form

All transfers require a transfer form.

Upon receipt, QuickMAR will confirm/create Facility in CareSuite® RX

Upon Receipt of Transfer FormQuickMAR starts data transferFacility Settings, Info Order Library, Drop-Down Menus and Order Libraries are copied.
Within 1-2 weeks of receipt of Transfer FormTransfer Touchbase MeetingAll parties involved meet to go over the transfer process and understand what data QuickMAR can transfer and what cannot.

Confirm timeline of data transfer and projected transfer date. Estimated time: 20-30 min

At least one week prior to Transfer Go-Live DatePharmacy sends resident dataPush Resident Data from Pharmacy Software into CareSuite®

This should be completed at least one week prior to Go-Live/Transfer to allow time for order review

1 week to 3 business days prior to GO-LIVEQuickMAR continues data transferWE CAN TRANSFER THE DATA FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • Copy Active Manually entered Residents
  • Copy Resident Photos
  • Copy manually entered orders
    (indicate which order types to copy)

    • Meds
    • Vitals
    • Treatments
    • ADLs
  • Copy Manual Info Orders
  • Copy Imported Info Orders
  • Copy Resident Face Sheet Data
  • Copy Resident Cart Selections
  • Copy Resident Allergies
  • Copy Resident Diagnosis
  • Copy Resident Diet
  • Copy Other Resident Fields
    (Medical Record Number, Code Status, Etc)
  • Copy Patient Tasks

USER IDs (transferred at GO-LIVE)

CHARTING NOTES (transferred after GO-LIVE)


  • Pharmacy Entered Orders
  • Behavior Orders (manually entered)
  • Resident Vitals (profile page- side tab)
  • Order parameters/Sliding Scale
    calculator parameters manually added
    for pharmacy orders
  • Med Pass History
  • Inventory Counts  for facilities using
    Inventory Control
  • Documents: Resident & Order
  • Primary Pharmacy on Profile Page
  • Calendar Appointments
  • Notification Rules
  • Reports (data)
1 week to 3 business days prior to GO-LIVE/TransferFacility completes MAR to MAR Review
  • Update in Settings -> Admin Settings -> Report Config Go-Live and MAR of Record dates
  • Order Re-conciliation between previous MAR and new MAR
  • Clear all Green, Yellow and Red Flags
3 business days prior to GO-LIVEFinalize Go-LIVE/Transfer
  • 3 business days prior to anticipated Transfer Date
  • Confirm that all Orders have been reviewed (clearing green, yellow and red flags) OR that there is a commitment to review prior to Go-Live
  • Schedule  (in Local Time Zone) Transfer of User IDs from previous Facility
GO-LIVE/Transfer DateGo-LIVE/TransferFacility will be provided with an archive login to their previous Facility ID. This will allow Facility to access any data that was not able to be transferred to the new Facility ID
1 business day after GO-LIVE/TransferQuickMAR to complete TransferLast piece to transfer is Chart Notes, which will be copied by end of business day of Transfer date. If Transfer occurs over a weekend, chart notes will be transferred on Monday.

Data Transfer Request

In the fields below, provide instructions regarding the data transfer.
    Copies the existing userIDs from the existing facility to the new, rather than creating new userIDs for everyone. This is also the precise moment at which the facility stops using the old data and starts using the new.
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