CareSuite 5.0 is NOW available. New and amazing features in this update include Calendaring, Wound Tracking, Intake/Output Tracking and more. These features are included with CareSuite at no additional cost. An administrator can simply login in to CareSuite and upgrade today!

How do I activate these features?

To upgrade to 5.0, an administrator can login to CareSuite and select ‘Check for Upgrades’ under the ‘Help’ menu.

Want to learn more?

Download our latest whitepaper.
Why You Should Be Excited About CareSuite 4.4

To learn more visit our release notes article.

Here’s a peek at the NEW 5.0 Features:


  • Confirmation screen redesign.
  • Spell check is now provided in charting notes and messaging.
  • You can request a recording of different charting options with an order.
  • User can decide the level of obfuscation for notifications.
  • You can now record the actual duration to complete an ADL.
  • Sliding Scale is now available on PRN orders.
  • Notifications can now be sent to Corp and Pharmacy users.