When an existing pharmacy partner converts to new dispensing software, QuickMAR charges the pharmacy a standard $1,000 conversion fee. For questions please see our terms and conditions.

Each facility involved in the conversion must also transfer as part of this process and additional fees apply.

Number of Facilities Price
1-5 $500
6-10 $1000
11-15 $1500
16-20 $2000
21-25 $2500

Conversion Process/Timetable

30-60 days prior to Conversion Pharmacy to complete and submit QuickMAR Conversion Request form. (below)

Note: Failure to notify QuickMAR at least 30 days in advance will not guarantee the conversion will be complete by the pharmacy’s deadline.

Within 2 business days of receiving Conversion Request QuickMAR Implementation Team will email pharmacy to schedule meeting to discuss conversion process.
Within 1 week of receiving Conversion Request QuickMAR Conversion Meeting (30 minutes)

  • create a new Pharmacy ID within QuickMAR RX
  • update QuickMAR RX
  • interface install on computer that doesn’t get turned off (usually server)
  • feel free to test interface with clean data from new dispensing software (create Test Facility)
To be determined based on Pharmacy timeline  Data conversion from old dispensing software to new dispensing software

  • process does not involve QuickMAR
  • provide QuickMAR with facility codes in new dispensing software for facility(ies)
  • QuickMAR will schedule/create pharmacy interface transfer in QuickMAR
Allow 1-2 weeks for completion Order reconciliation for Facility(ies) Data

  • Pharmacy will push/dump data from new dispensing software into QuickMAR
  • Pharmacy will conduct order reconciliation.
  • Upon completion, QuickMAR will switch the interface (during business hours)

Data Transfer Request