When an existing pharmacy partner converts to new dispensing software, QuickMAR charges the pharmacy a standard $1,000 conversion fee. For questions please see our terms and conditions.

Each facility involved in the conversion must also transfer as part of this process and additional fees apply.

Number of FacilitiesPrice

Conversion Process/Timetable

30-60 days before conversionThe pharmacy must inform QuickMAR of the upcoming conversion by completing the form below.

Note: Failure to notify QuickMAR 30 days in advance will not guarantee the conversion will be complete by pharmacy’s deadline.

After form completionA QuickMAR representative will contact the pharmacy representative provided below to explain the process.
On Day of Dispensing Software ConversionThe pharmacy completes the conversion to their new dispensing software. QuickMAR is not involved with this step.
After Dispensing Software Conversion. A QuickMAR representative will copy all desired data. After which the pharmacy will complete a MAR to MAR comparison verifying all data is mirrored.

This is the data transfer date.

Note: The facility must also review data for accuracy.

Login TransferQuickMAR representative schedules login transfer for desired date and time.

Note: This should generally happen the day after the data transfer date.

Data Transfer Request