You’ve been using QuickMAR for a while or maybe you’re new and only using the core features. CareSuite by QuickMAR offers a rich array of tools to help you with your daily tasks. With our personalized coaching service, we will provide in-depth guidance and coaching on the features you would like to implement in your facility. By using additional features such as ADL charting, behavior management and inventory control your facility will operate more efficiently saving your company time and potentially money as well as helping stay in compliance.

Personalized coaching allows facilities to utilize every feature of QuickMAR available. Many facilities start out using primarily the basic features to get started. There are numerous advanced features in CareSuite by QuickMAR that are not always taken advantage of.

“Many of these features have to be completed by the facility whether using QuickMAR, another program or paper,” explains Sarah Sisseck, Services Manager for QuickMAR. “Utilizing all these features will allow the facility to use just one tool, QuickMAR, for all its needs.”

When a facility has decided to utilize the personal coaching service, an in-depth conversation discussing the needs and desires of the facility as well as advice from our QuickMAR expert will narrow down what the facility would like to focus on. Interactive coaching sessions will take place with one or several people based on the facility’s needs. Further questions following the coaching sessions will be handled by the same QuickMAR specialist.

Major modules available for coaching include ADL charting, behavior management, inventory control, and management reports drilldown. Management settings modules include administrative settings, drop-down menus, order library and info orders library, security roles and notifications, just released in CareSuite by QuickMAR 3.2.

“Long before I started working for QuickMAR, I was a huge fan of this product,” Sarah said. “I am excited every time I have the opportunity to coach clients about these features. I know how much time and money can be saved especially when utilizing the advanced features. I want all of the facilities to experience the full benefits available through QuickMAR.”

The cost is based on the features being coached. Major modules are $135 each and management settings are $65 each. Discount bundles are available. Bundle one major module with one management setting for $155 or make your own bundle with two or more features for a 15% discount.

For more information please contact Sarah at or (503)765-1579 or visit our services page.