Over 16 years ago, the concept of an eMAR – medication management software – was born. Today, CareSuite by QuickMAR helps thousands of facilities and pharmacies keep our seniors safe and improve quality care. 

Walking in Your Shoes Created… Our Passion, Our Story.

In 2003, co-founder and president, Stan Turner, developed eMAR software to improve medication passes at his facilities. Knowing that some caregivers have little technology experience, he designed the software to be easily used by staff with limited computer skills. He also worked with pharmacies over the years to ensure that the software would integrate effortlessly into their operations. This medication managemnt software enabled efficiency and accuracy of the med pass. It also enabled caregivers to dedicate more time and attention to those in their care, while greatly increasing the safety of medication administration.
In 2007, Stan brought together a talented team of professionals to help him establish QuickMAR. Their vision: Improve medication accuracy and enhance resident safety by commercializing the product and making it available to the whole industry.

The CareSuite technology rapidly evolved into a leading product that encompasses a range of solutions for long-term care providers and pharmacies, with delighted clients from coast to coast. Each member of the team shares a passionate belief in the importance of quality care for seniors; a passion which guides all their efforts. The QuickMAR team strives to make our medication management software very easy to use and compatible for many facilities and pharmacies.

Meet the CareSuite Executive Team

Stan Turner

President & Co-Founder

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Henry Vander Stelt

Chief Technology Officer

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