CareSuite for Assisted Living & Long-Term Care

Designed by senior living professionals who understand the special nature of your important mission, CareSuite is easy for your staff to learn and use, no matter their level of computer skill. It offers the features you need to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance profitability. This enables you to dedicate more time to resident centered care.

Our applications work both off and online. That means if your internet is down, your CareSuite is not. Many of the competitive solutions lack this vital feature. As we all know the internet is never reliable, however you can count on CareSuite.

CareSuite is more than the best eMAR.

It’s a quality EHR solution that centers around care.

CareSuite Gives You the Tools You Need in the Right Order

It’s impossible to scrimp on resident safety and quality care and be successful. The quality of resident safety and care ultimately drive profitability and achieve long term sustainability. Our modules are designed to keep your residents safe and improve their quality of care. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we focused on creating the best software solutions first.

Resident Safety


Speeds up med passes by up to 50%. Records medications, vital signs and treatments.

Barcode Scanning

Ensures the right meds go to the right person at the right time. Supports multi-dose packaging.

Complete Reliability

Pass meds safely even when the internet is down.

Pharmacy Interfacing

Eliminates data errors due to duplicate entry.

Resident Care

ADL Tracking

Tracks activities of daily living. Reports patterns to determine an assistance level.

Behavior Tracking

Logs and tracks behavior issues, identifies triggers and documents interventions.

Resident Care Charting

Creates resident notes from anywhere within the CareSuite system.

Compliance & Financial

State Approved Assessments

Tracks med disbursement and builds proper documentation for assessments.

Medication Compliance

Helps eliminate med errors and provides proper documentation.

Care Planning

Dynamically creates a personalized care plan for residents.


Reflects the financial cost of providing the required care.