Nobody likes incidents but they do happen. With CareSuite, documenting these incidents and being compliant comes easy. With CareSuite’s documentation, organization, and precautions incident reporting can show the trends of all incidents and improvements that need to be made within your facility.

Incident reporting takes a lot of step to complete. These steps include

  • Description of the event
  • Who was involved?
  • Was there an injury? If so, describe.
  • Including a witness statement
  • ETC.

With CareSuite, paperwork is eliminated. All of the information needed can be typed write into the computer. No need to worry about illegible handwriting and not enough space to explain the whole situation. Documents and handwritten notes, such as ER Reports and other statements, can be uploaded and attached to the documentation. Photos of the incident can be uploaded to the document as well. The witness can even log in and type their statement into the report. CareSuite’s system will even notify and alert staff management if something is missing or a correction to the documentation is needed.

After the documentation is completed, all reports and documents are organized and stored within the software. This allows for the system to analyze all documentation and give feedback and data such as:

  • What is your most common type of incident or error?
  • How many incidents have you had in the last year, five years, etc?
  • Do any residents in particular have a particularly high number of falls or incidents?
  • Are any corrections to documentation or reports needed?

On another note, MED ERRORS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN INCIDENT REPORTS. The purpose of senior living facilities is to improve residents state of life and to keep all of their resident safe. When including med errors in incident reports, you are not only keeping track of all errors, but also providing your facility with the information to find a solution to the most common med errors and incidents. By analyzing the causes of the med errors, you can find the most commons cause and come up with a solution. Some of these errors can be corrected by improving data entries, restraining med aids, etc.

Keep your residents safe and keep improving your facility.

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