QuickMAR® Pharmacy Implementation Packages

Implementation Packages are highly recommended for all new facilities starting with QuickMAR.  All transfer facilities must purchase a Pharmacy Transfer package.

New Pharmacy Partners | $2000

  • Customized Implementation Plan
  • Interface set up for the pharmacy
  • Pharmacy training session(s) conducted via webinar by QuickMAR.
  • Access to QuickMAR Training Site and materials
  • QuickMAR training guide
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Pharmacy Conversion of dispensing software | $1000

  • Review call with QuickMAR implementation/pharmacy to review the process
  • QuickMAR review of all resident data needed to transfer as part of the conversion.
  • Execution of the conversion by moving all data to the new dispensing software

Each facility involved in the conversion must also transfer as part of this process and additional fees apply.

Number of Facilities Price
1-5 $500
6-10 $1000
11-15 $1500
16-20 $2000
21-25 $2500
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QuickMAR Pharmacy Transfer | $975

  • QuickMAR staff set up customized transfer plan and meet with pharmacy and facility staff
  • QuickMAR staff provide technical set up for the data transfer
  • QuickMAR staff support the process of order review and transfer reconciliation
  • QuickMAR staff confirm Go Live date and approve facility transfer date
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Existing Pharmacy with a new facility | No pharmacy charge

****If the pharmacy provides all the training and requires no support from QuickMAR there is no charge****

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