We are Grateful for our Care Partners!

By November 23, 2017 Blog

It’s a wonderful season! We’d like to express our appreciation to our pharmacy and facility partners. Our pharmacy partners improve our residents’ lives by providing industry leading medication management to ensure their safety and well-being. We see quality care and compassion flood the hallways within our senior facilities. We enjoy working together with you to improve the lives of our seniors.

Thank you for joining us in the CareSuite Journey. Our industry has come a long way in providing seniors with the quality care they deserve. Let’s keep up the good work together.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holidays!

We listened to your requests, and we’re excited to announce these new CareSuite features.

  • Now you can upload and view documents from CareSuite Manager.
  • When leads are converted to residents, the documents now transfer with the resident.

Stay Tuned for our Up and Coming Features!

  • We will be launching these modules and additions soon.
  • Incident Reporting Module
  • Corporate Console Module
  • An Assessment Library – Facilities can pick from a library of assessments.
  • Sales CRM – A consolidated calendar shows all scheduled activities across all sales leads.

More features are coming in the next few months!

  • Sales CRM – Alerts on leads not contacted in last X days
  • Incident Reporting – Adding medication error as a new incident type.
  • Incident Reporting – Identification of possible contributive factors.
  • Billing – 3rd party billing/payments