Emergency Preparedness

Every year, facilities encounter emergencies or various types including hurricanes, blizzards and other natural disasters. It is always better to be prepared than try to prepare in a hurry or even be unprepared.

You may or may not deal with blizzards or hurricanes, but there are two events that can afflict any one of us at any time: the loss of internet service and the loss of power. That’s why CareSuite by QuickMAR offers a number of tools to help you prepare for the worst.

With MedAssure, you can continue to pass meds even if you lose a connection. In a crisis, your “pending updates” count will be high. These still need to sync with the server, and this is normal. As soon as the internet is restored, these will automatically sync back up. Offline you can still pass meds, record treatments, ADLS, charting notes, narcotics counts – most charting is still available. You cannot, however, run reports, process order changes, or add new residents.

How long can you work from MedAssure?

  • There is no limit. Just note that the data is no getting backed up. The longer you go, the more data you have, which can be risky.

Can you switch med carts safely when offline?

  • Yes, just be careful not to duplicate what you’ve already recorded on another laptop.

Enable MedAssure by going to the Admin>Options>Enable MedAssure on the designated computer. Now you have it enabled and are ready for unexpected outages.

Emergency MARS:

  • QuickMAR can print all the MARs to a PDF daily. In a crisis you can print those local files, you just need a password to unlock them.
  • QuickMAR University covers this topic.

How to Enable Emergency MARs:
Facility Settings > Set Emergency MARs > Auto-Download Emergency MARs. You can set up your password here. It’s enabled, but you still have to specify the computer. Go to Admin > Options >Download Emergency MARs to this computer. Check and hit save. Now when you login, you should have a copy on your computer. Select computers that are used regularly.

The System Status
You should check daily to ensure you are prepared for an emergency. You can do it in a matter of seconds. Just go the CareSuite QuickMAR dashboard, to the System Status tab. You’ll want to check for two things.

At this screen, check that MedAssure is enabled on your med cart computers AND that they have been sync’ing. Check the “Last Sync” column, and make sure it has sync’d.


Secondly, check the status of the Emergency MARs. Make sure the feature is enabled and check the last download date. It should have been downloaded sometime today.

Your Own Emergency Protocols
The other half of the preparedness equation is your own emergency preparedness plan. In most states, you are required by law to have an emergency plan in place. But if you’ve recently converted from paper to an eMAR, you probably need to update your plan to reflect how you’d provide medications during an outage or evacuation. Read more about being prepared for an emergency in our whitepaper below: