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CareSuite includes an Incident Management Module

One of today’s top compliance and industry challenges is incident management. We are proud to announce the recent development of CareSuite’s Incident Management Module. With our senior living incident reporting software, you can track incidents at your facility, indicate injuries on a visual body map and document the treatments given. The remediation actions are also documented. This module helps you stay compliant with state regulations. Most importantly, these incident analytics and trends help executives and administrators reduce incidents at their facilities and improve the safety of their residents. Incident Management is included with CareSuite at no additional cost to you! This module simply needs to be turned on by an administrator to start using.

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Our Senior Living Incident Reporting Software Features Include:

  • Manage & track incidents at your facility from creation through the state management process
  • Create a “cheat sheet” for reference with state management guidelines, management contacts and links to state mandated submission forms
  • Record and indicate injuries to residents on visual body maps and treatments given
  • Indicate remediation taken
  • Record witness statements and attach documentation
  • Record state management deadlines and submissions
  • Record falls, injuries, elopements, facility wide incidents, abuse and more


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CareSuite’s Incident Management Module

Incident Reporting | Safeguarding Your Residents

Learn how incident management can increase your residents’ safety, help you maintain compliance and provide your facility with a competitive edge. Download this informative whitepaper today!

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