CareSuite includes a Corporate Console Module

CareSuite’s Corporate Console Module was specifically designed for executives and managers that manage multiple facilities. It allows you to view your facilities’ key insights collectively and separately. Executives and managers can easily drill down and analyze metrics such as missed medications, on-time percentages and PRN dosages at every level. This module is included with CareSuite. QuickMAR customers, there is no additional cost for you to take advantage of this innovative module. It can be easily enabled by your facility’s administrator, so start using it today!

corporate console module caresuite by quickmar

Features Include:

  • Organize your family of facilities into regions and divisions to match your corporate structure
  • Manage your corporate users
  • View Key Performance Indicators for your company including missed meds, on-time percentage, scanning percentage, holes filled after the fact and many more
  • Establish thresholds/targets for metrics (metrics outside the threshold are highlighted)
  • View the metrics for any time range, and at any level of the organization, from the cart at the lowest level, to the building, division, region, up to the corporation’s highest level
  • See graphs of the data over time by using the drill-down feature
  • Customize your favorite views and save them so you can easily view them later


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