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CareSuite is a quality EHR with everything from Assessments to Marketing, designed by senior living professionals to give you the most important tools first. It is uniquely fast and easy to learn regardless of your staff’s proficiency level. These features are free for our existing eMAR customers. With the click of a button, facility administrators can enable the modules listed below.

Inventory TrackingIncident ManagementCharting NotesBehavior ManagementADLsCare PlanningAssessmentsResident BillingSales CRMCorporate ConsoleQuickMAR

Our market-leading eMAR speeds up large med passes by as much as 50%. With just a few mouse clicks or touches of a screen, you can chart medications, vital signs and treatments, including exceptions. Caregivers use bar-code scanning of packages to match the right medications with residents. Our comprehensive reporting system tells you whether staff is following proper procedures each and every time.

Consistent tracking of activities of daily living improves care quality and the opportunity to offer more services to those in your care. With QuickADL’s, caregivers can monitor whether residents require more help with already-identified activities or need assistance with new ones. The module’s comprehensive reports show you these patterns, so you can decide if a new assessment and potentially more care are appropriate.

CareSuite’s agile assessment module includes a series of standardized questions that helps users quickly determine the level of assistance residents require. The assessment is built on a highly flexible platform that allows questions to be easily added, removed or customized, in order to accommodate state regulations and specific preferences. The completed assessment helps determine how much to charge for each resident and how many points of help that resident requires.

Caregivers can log and track behavior issues, identify triggers and document interventions in as much detail as desired. Data summaries enable you to spot patterns, understand factors that may be affecting behavior and determine which interventions have been most successful. This information is also invaluable in care updates and discussions with family members.

The complete assessment dynamically generates a personalized Care Plan, greatly saving users time and effort. It provides caregivers a plan to follow and can act as a service agreement by showing loved ones the care the resident will receive. The Care Plan can be further modified to ensure it best meets the unique needs of each resident. It outlines the help residents may need with medication and other activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and helping with daily living decisions. It will also help ensure the facility is staffed properly by helping caregivers understand how much assistance a resident requires.

Just hit a button and you can add charting notes from anywhere within the CareSuite system. There’s no need to switch applications and it’s easy to categorize the notes – for example, on medications, ADLs or any other type – for quick reference.

It allows you to view your facilities key insights collectively and separately. They can be organized into regions and divisions to match your corporate structure. Executives and managers can easily drill down and analyze metrics such as missed medications, on-time percentages and PRN dosages at every level. This module is included with CareSuite.

With our senior living incident reporting software, you can track incidents at your facility, indicate injuries on a visual body map and document the treatments given. The remediation actions are also documented. This module helps you stay compliant with state regulations!

You can track controlled drugs or any other medication on an order-by-order basis. Bar-code scanning reduces the time needed for checking in cycle fills by as much as 90%. This feature also documents medication disposal.

Makes filling prescriptions more efficient and convenient by enabling authorized prescribers to send new scripts straight to the pharmacy from within the CareSuite system. Additional fees may apply.

A complete sales and marketing tool that keeps your building full.  It manages everything from your first contact to move-in. Schedule tour visits, log sales activities, record notes, attach important documents, track phone calls and monitor the sales process. Convert more leads to admissions.