Over the next month, we are excited to announce the release of CareSuite by QuickMAR 3.2, formerly known as QuickMAR Pro. Not only does it have a new look, it has some new features we are excited to share.

The first feature is the improvement of the display of side effects and drug label warnings. In previous versions, users were directed to a website where QuickMAR did a search to show the information from a public domain website. Now this data is available in QuickMAR and there is no need to search the web. The adverse effects are clearly stated and include a clickable link to show more information about a side-effect. This material is still found by clicking on the info button on the particular med tile.

Another new feature is document management which allows users to attach documents to orders and residents. Such documents could include prescriptions, resident information, admission documents and insurance cards. These documents can be uploaded as a pdf or image files such as a jpeg, gif, tif or png. A new paperclip icon on the manage order screen will show when a document is attached. After clicking on this icon users can view, print, edit, add and delete a document. This feature will help create a nice audit trail for your documentation.

Using CareSuite by QuickMAR caregivers can now set up notifications through text message, email and QuickMAR. When you log into QuickMAR there is a new notification icon in the upper right. An overlay window will show you the different notifications you have set up. Notifications showing information relating to chart notes, vitals, med inventory and discharges will ensure users stay up to speed. These same notifications can be sent out via email and text message.

There are many other new exciting features in CareSuite by QuickMAR 3.2. For a full list of new features and enhancements please click here and to watch a 3.2 Introduction Webinary please log into the training site with your QuickMAR username and password and click on the Introduction to Version 3.2 link. We will also be adding examples of these new features to QuickMAR University’s Training.