Announcing the Release of QuickMAR 5.2

PointClickCare and QuickMAR are pleased to announce the release of QuickMAR 5.2.  It is hard to imagine that we could add any more capability to our industry-leading product, but we know you’ll be pleased to see some of the new features we have added. Your QuickMAR and PointClickCare team are committed to continually improving and upgrading our software to assure that Care Comes First!

What’s New with QuickMAR 5.2?

QuickMAR just released a new version. This is an optional release for all customers.  If you would like this version, please email Please send your name, facility name, and facility ID number and the support team can get you upgraded.

Device Verification

To prevent unauthorized access to a facility’s CareSuite® database, two-factor authentication is required for any device used to access CareSuite® Client. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Easier Recipient Selection in Messaging and Notifications

“Users,” “Roles” and “Teams” will now be separated into different sections of the selection list, rather than being all mixed together, and selected users will display on the right-hand side of the screen. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Virus Scanning for Documents

CareSuite® will now automatically scan uploaded documents for potential viruses. Users will not be able to download or print documents that have failed the virus scan. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Resident Profile Changes

There are three major changes to resident profiles in 5.2:
  • “Code Status” can now be a required field.
  • A new “Medical History” section is now available on the resident profile.
  • A new photo rotation tool will be available when adding resident photos.
CLICK HERE to find out more.

Advanced Settings for Split Orders

In addition to being able to adjust the start and end date for each part of a split (multi-sig) order, users can now choose to add a sliding scale to any part of the order, too. CLICK HEREto find out more.

Documenting Administered Amounts for Multi-dose Orders

There is now a way for care staff to document the amount administered for routine medications for which differing doses are prescribed (e.g. 1 tab every morning and 2 tabs at night) either within the same part or within multiple parts of an order to prevent med errors from occurring.

Changes to Exceptions

The way exceptions behave will be changing both within the drop-down menus settings and within the med pass.
  • Drop-down Menus
    • For any exception, facilities can now decide which type of order(s) it applies and which type of schedule (All, Routine, PRN).
    • They can also require the immediate disposition of inventoried medications.
  • Med Pass
    • Skip All
      • When a user selects an exception, CareSuite® will now advance to the Confirmation screen with the exception selected. It will not complete the med pass.
    • Pick List Exceptions
      • When a user documents an Exception in the “Pick List Exceptions” modal, CareSuite® will display that order in the Confirmation screen with the exception selected.
    • Confirmation Reminders
      • If a note or witness is required by an exception, reminder icons will be displayed on the confirmation screen.
CLICK HERE to find out more.

Contextual Med Disposition

In 5.2, facilities will automatically be able to dispose of medications in the following contexts:
  • As required by an exception (within the Med Pass)
  • Upon a resident status change
    • Deactivation (discharged/deceased)
    • LOA
  • Upon the discontinuation of a medication
CLICK HERE to find out more.

Leaves of Absence Process Changes

Facilities can now check out meds to residents/families using:
  • Med Disposition wizard
  • Leave of Absence form
CLICK HERE to find out more.

Miscellaneous Program Improvements

No significant changes have been made to the following features, but we’ve polished them a little to improve their functionality.
      • Calendaring
      • PRN follow-up times
      • Wound type and source options
      • Bowel health monitoring
      • Vital sign reporting
      • Inventory settings
      • User permissions

Have additional questions or need help upgrading? Contact our support team!

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