Behavioral Health Providers

"They simplified the medication process and reduced errors." - Mentor Network

A preferred eMAR for Behavioral Health providers

QuickMAR can simplify medication processes, reduce med errors and improve quality care and safety for patients. Behavioral Health Care facilities that previously used paper records saw med errors on a regular basis, but facilities that made the switch to QuickMAR saw a drastic reduction in med errors and were immediately notified of any inaccuracies via the system. Documenting and accessing patient care is more efficient and faster with QuickMAR. Customers often comment on how how easy this eMAR software is to implement, use and train new employees.

What Do Our Customers Say?

“Before the use of QuickMAR, staff used paper records and there were too many errors. QuickMAR has simplified the medication process, reduced errors and increased supervisor visibility. It has made accessing and recording resident information much simpler.”

Our MAR process has been streamlined. Customers' med passes and reporting capabilities have improved. Ordering, charting and communication between facility and pharmacy is more efficient and accurate.

Paul O’LearyGeneral Manager - Parkview

QuickMAR is very user friendly and very supportive. When facilities request a report or data, the support team is extremely responsive and can typically have the functionality added very quickly.

Wendy KallaherDirector of Clinical Support - Southern Pharmaceutical Services

We are all about responding to families as quickly as possible when they have questions about their loved ones. With QuickMAR, we can provide instantaneous information.

Tracy OueletteCare Coordinator - Arbor Terrace

It's easy for our customers to learn and use. The interface with the pharmacy is excellent, and the willingness of QuickMAR to adapt the technology to the individual client is impressive.

Joann SeigelDirector of Pharmacy Operations - Curtis LTC Pharmacy

QuickMAR is easy to navigate. The customer support is excellent and we hear from our long-term care clients that it is saving them time. They also find it easy to train their new employees.

Glenn WhitleyDirector of Pharmacy - Extensive Pharmaceutical Services

We were using a product that wasn't performing. We tested QuickMAR and liked it. We are very satisfied! It's user-friendly and works well. We are impressed by the customer support.

Dave LewisPresident - Consonus Pharmacy

I can't thank the QuickMAR team enough for all of the support you provide us. All of our facilities love QuickMAR.

Erick MaxwellQuality Assurance Manager - Redler's LTC

QuickMAR is a very easy software to learn. It is extremely user-friendly and runs smoothly. We've been very happy with it.

Barbara SeymourDirector of Nursing Operations - Country Meadows Retirement Communities