CareSuite | A preferred EHR for Behavioral Health providers

CareSuite by QuickMAR is used to simplify medication processes, reduce med errors and improve quality care and safety for patients within the Behavioral Health Care industry. Behavioral Health Care facilities that previously used paper records saw med errors on a regular basis, but facilities that made the switch to CareSuite saw a drastic reduction in med errors and were immediately notified of any inaccuracies via the system. Documenting and accessing patient care is more efficient and faster with CareSuite. Customers often comment on how how easy this behavioral health software is to implement, use and train new employees.

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What do our customers say?

“Before the use of CareSuite, staff used paper records and there were too many errors. CareSuite has simplified the medication process, reduced errors and increased supervisor visibility. It has made accessing and recording resident information much simpler.” Read the full case study here.

Customize CareSuite to fit your Behavioral Health Care needs

CareSuite offers a diverse series of modules all under one price, so you can choose the programs that best suit your needs. Use Assessments to easily build unique Care Plans for each patient. Track falls and med errors with Incident Management and use the body map to provide a glimpse of where any injuries may have occurred. Track Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) easily and quickly notice any changes in daily behaviors. Utilize the Behavior Management module to log and track behavioral issues, identify potential triggers and document interventions. Pass meds with the well-known eMAR, QuickMAR. The possibilities are endless with a seamless and easy-to-use EHR software.