ALs Love CareSuite’s Assessment Module

Not only does CareSuite’s EHR have the industry’s best eMAR (QuickMAR), the assessment module is improving quality care and helping staff become more efficient. Our agile Assessment module includes a series of standardized questions that helps users quickly determine the level of assistance a resident requires. The assessment is built on a highly flexible platform that allows questions to be easily added, removed, or customized, in order to accommodate state regulations and specific preferences. The completed assessment helps determine how much to charge for each resident and how many points of help that resident requires.

With the use of the Assessments module’s outcomes, you can create a dynamically generated personalized Care Plan from within CareSuite using the Care Planning module. This greatly saves user time and effort. It provides caregivers a plan to follow and can act as a service agreement by showing loved ones the care the resident will receive.

All the modules in CareSuite are yours FREE if your facility is already using QuickMAR, they just need to be activated.

Make more time for quality care by using the provided modules from CareSuite by QuickMAR.

Expand your software to a full EHR! Track everything with the click of a button and lose the long, tedious paper trail. Your facility’s reputation, resident care, and quality of life will reflect your choice.