15 Minute Medication Compliance

By December 19, 2019 Blog
Medication Compliance

15 Minute Medication Compliance

QuickMAR is easy to use and compatible with dozens of pharmacy systems. It is also customizable to your facility. This means that you can customize your order review process to fit all the requirements and checks that are specific to your facility. Thus, making it easier to approve and check all medication inventory and passes before the med pass.

You can review and approve/reject/correct orders in three different places:

  1. From the Dashboard—all orders needing review are shown in a concise list. They can be reviewed and approved right from the dashboard.
  1. From the resident orders screen—orders needing review are flagged, so they are easy to spot.
  1. From within the med pass—the med aides can see if there are meds awaiting approval, right from the med pass. If they have permission, they can review and approve the changes right there.

Review | Reject | Correct

With CareSuite, it is easy to review, reject or correct any orders. Ideally, someone will be monitoring the dashboard throughout the day, or at specific intervals during the day. That way, order changes can be reviewed promptly, that same day. Even in a big building, this process should take just minutes. A compliant med supervisor will be sure to check if there is any activity of missed medications. Missed medications is a rare issue but if it does happen it is important to resolve the issue sooner than later. If this issue occurs talk to the staff, the resident and check the unit dose packaging. Often, the medication wasn’t missed and changing the administration record is easy.

This is why it is so important to look for missed meds daily. Investigating a missed med from a month ago is nearly impossible.

CareSuite, keeping you medication compliant with the click of a button.

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