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Monthly Refresher Training – Free

QuickMAR offers a monthly opportunity to attend our original training for Caregivers, Supervisors, and Administrators.  If you have new employees, just want a reminder of all that QuickMAR can do to improve your facility, or want to see what is new with QuickMAR, Sign Up For Refresher Training. 

  • Caregiver February 12th 12 pm EST
  • Supervisor February 20th 12 pm EST
  • Administrator  February 23rd pm EST

Current Client Training Video Modules

Training when and as often as you wish! Whether it’s to learn the system or receive a quick refresh, you and your staff can train on CareSuite at times most convenient for you through our training videos, accessible here on a 24/7 basis.

If you are a current CareSuite client, please access the customer training materials using the link below. Use your QuickMAR login credentials to to enter the site.

Enter Customer Training Site

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